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What to Bring to the Airport:Essentials for Flying

When I go to the airport, I usually where jeans and sneakers since I change planes and it can be a lot of walking. In my jeans pocket I put my license in the front pocket, print out from the internet, and also cash to get food during the day. Once I check in, I put my flight tickets in my other front pocket. I’m someone that likes to keep things close at hand and since I put my purse in my backpack, it is hard to get to my wallet. I usually bring a couple of apples and a healthy snack. I put in the front pocket of my backpack a ziplock bag that has my foundation makeup and vitamins for the day.

Once I get past security, I buy a bottle of water and sit taking out my laptop to relax a little. This is my routine, but think about what you’ll want to do sitting at the gate, how you plan on paying for food, where you will place your tickets, the easiest spot to get your license for security and check-in etc. I also put a sweater in my backpack for the plane as I find I’m always cold and the often don’t have blankets. Of course, bring a book and what you want to do on the plane as well. Where will you keep your cell phone? Think these things out and you won’t feel overwhelmed the morning of your flight.

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