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Tucson Airport Parking: Where Do You Park the Car near TUS

tuscon airport pictureWhere do you go for convenient, cheap Tucson airport parking? Finding a parking spot at any airport can be a hassle, especially the larger ones. If you need short-term parking, you’ll likely drive around for quite a while before you find something suitable. If you need long-term parking, expect to pay a king’s ransom! Airports and their affiliate businesses know people need to fly and that they need to park in order to fly, and they make sure to milk every cent out of it that they possibly can. Sometimes, parking at the airport can be an exercise in sheer frustration. Let’s look at some TUS options at or off-site from the Arizona airport

It’s the same at the Tucson airport in Az as anywhere else. However, the airport in Tucson is at least a pleasant, comfortable place once you actually get inside it. It is home to 12 airlines, including some major ones like United, American, Northwest, and JetBlue. It serves approximately four million passengers a year. The airport itself contains a myriad of shops and services, including three art galleries, gift and book stores, and some gourmet restaurants like the Sky Asian Bistro and the Jet Rock Cafe. You can while away the hours waiting for your flight in relative harmony with so much to do and see, which is a blessing when it comes to flying.

For parking, you have a variety of options at the building itself. There are long and short-term spaces, as well as indoor, outdoor, economy, hourly, and daily options. The airport even has an online search feature for parking spaces and prices called ParkingCamera/ES, so you should be able to find a spot pretty quickly once you get there.

If you find that there are simply no spaces available near the building, you have other options. You can choose to part at the FastPark & Relax Parking facility. It’s located less than a mile from the main airport building, and is an inexpensive choice at only $4.51 a day. You really CAN park quickly and relax once you’re there. Another good choice for Tucson airport parking is the Park N Covered Save Lot, located about half a mile from the airport. It’s a good choice for covered parking at decent prices, and is a choice worth considering when you’re flying to or from Tucson, Arizona.

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