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Which Airports Have Least Delays:Where Do You Have Problems

There are some interesting findings on which airports have best on-time reports and least delays vs the airports that have the worst stats. It is important to note that one important for this is weather problems and this is not something that is in our control. What are the top airports for the best on-time results?

According to , Charlotte, North Carolina had seventy four percent of flights on time. It’s interesting because I started flying from Florida to New England initially through Philadelphia but constantly was stuck due to cancellations and delays. I switched to Charlotte and this has been much better for me due to the higher temperatures in the Charlotte area, compared to Pennysylvania in the winter time.

The second airport that has a high success rate with arrivals on time is the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW). This was a seventy two percent success rate. It makes sense that southern airports would have less complications from factors such as ice, freezing rain, snow and high winds.

Which airport was the worst? Well, there are a lot of jokes about New Jersey. For instance, Woody Allen said he believed that there is a divine intelligence, except for certain parts of New Jersey. Newark Airport came in at fifty one percent for on-time arrivals. Both due to the airport traffic and inclement weather, flights were delayed or cancelled. At fifty five percent for on-time arrivals there is a tie for Chicago O’Hare Airport and Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

If you can choose your connection hub, spend some time studying the flight patterns before deciding on your ticket. You may be better off with a 2 hour wait in Charlotte compared to a forty five minute one in Newark in the long run.

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2 Comments so far

  1. Clinton on August 17th, 2009

    I am not surpised that new jersey airports have a bad track record for on-time arrivals. It is true though that the weather there can be bad in winter months. I am going to spend more time looking into better connection hubs for my business flights.

  2. Phyllis on September 15th, 2009

    Many USairways flights that go through Pittsburgh or Philadelphia in the winter experience delays or cancellations. It probably will get even worse due to the economic times when they need to cancel flights that have low volume anyway.

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