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Taking a Share Ride from Fort Lauderdale Airport

When I flew to NY a few weeks ago from Fort Lauderdale airport, I took the shared ride service which is 18.00. I fortunately was picked up 2nd. The person before me lived in Boca which is further north than me. They go from north to south when you are heading south to the airport. I took the front seat, as I find that is more roomy than sitting in the back with three others.

I made sure to take a sweater because I find people like the air cooler than I do. After he picked me up to head to ft lauderdale airport, he stopped for a couple about ten minutes away from me. This worked out well and frankly, I was tired and glad to sit in the front and rest a bit. Everyone was friendly and we arrived at the airport about half an hour later. I gave him a tip and then went outside for the outside USAirways check in. This now has a 15.00 charge for baggage claim items.

When I came back from NY, outside the terminal is a stand where the shared ride, called Go, gives you a ticket. Generally you have to wait thirty minutes, but I must’ve been going in the right direction because I was in a car within fifteen minutes. I sat in the back and had an interesting conversation with the woman next to me about blogging. Her daughter also does an internet blog. The driver had me down to be dropped off second because the third group to be dropped off (a couple), lived in Coral Spring which is west of me.

They asked the driver why they were last to be dropped off and there was some momentary tension but they saw the logic that he goes from south to north and they are so far west it makes sense to first drop off those that are east (ie near I-95 in Broward County). It was a relief for me to not be last as it would’ve been 15 minutes each way extra.

I’ve taken this ride before and it’s very reliable. There have been tense moments in the conversations where people are not sure why they aren’t first to be dropped off. Also, sometimes people are visiting a friend and give the driver inaccurate directions. The last few rides I took used gps so this shouldn’t be a problem in future. It generally has been a good experience but when I’ve had to wait thirty minutes to leave the airport, plus have been the last to be dropped off, it has added an extra hour to my day. Still, a cab before tip is around 60 dollars so it has been a good savings.

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  1. Margaret on September 14th, 2009

    I am going to be taking the shared ride back to the ft lauderdale airport in a few weeks to return home from my daughter’s. She told me that she will say the flight is an hour earlier so that way they come earlier and there is no fear about the shuttle being late to the airport terminal.

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