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Sacramento International Airport Parking

There’s a secret place that has been leaked on the internet where people wait for loved ones near the Sacramento Airport to avoid the congestion in front of baggage claim. Note that this is not an official parking lot.

This is not endorsed by the owners but in fact frowned upon. The reunion with a loved one is one of the most joyful moments and drivers tend to get creative when seeking places to wait.

Sacramento International Airport actually officially did open a cell phone lot on February 28, 2009 which has 150 spots. The other spot used by people was the local gas station. The new official cell phone lot is on the southwest corner of the airport, with access to both terminals. Don’t leave your car here as it can be towed. At the airport, the hourly parking lot rate is now 2.00 (not the cell phone lot which is free).

Always be sure to have your phone charged, as delays and other issues can create complications. In a recent flight I took to NY, my luggage was not at baggage claim. I had to wait on a very long line at USAirways in order to give them my information. My friend’s cell phone battery was dead and she was waiting in front for an extra 35 minutes. Remember that contingencies are the norm for airport flying. You can also use off-site airport parking to leave your car if it seems too difficult to arrange rides to the Sacramento Airport for flight pickups.

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  1. Randi on July 2nd, 2009

    That is a riot when people find a local place to park that isn’t an official airport parking area. I don’t know why they have so few spots in the airport cell phone lots. Since they chase you from hanging out in front of baggage claim they should have more places to sit in your car.

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