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Do You Always Catch A Cold When Flying: Airport Flight Tips

Whenever I used to fly, it seems I would get a cold or respiratory infection. This was very frustrating. I now take some supplements and use pre-cautions when I am in the airport and on plane to try to boost my immune system. First of all, airplanes can be very cold, so you don’t want to be shivering and getting sick on that account. Bring a sweater or sweatshirt with you for the flight itself. This also works well for my job where I work with kids and the elderly as a counselor.

In the Journal of Environmental Health Research it was cited that people have a 100x worse chance of catching a cold in the plane environment than elsewhere. It was explained that in very low humidity germs can easily breed. At some altitudes, the humidity is only ten percent.

I always drink a lot of water now both in the airport as well as on the plane. Water is more effective than soda, coffee or tea which can actually dehydrate you. Also I found using a saline spray for my nose keeps the mucous membranes moist. When this area is dry , it is more susceptible to infections and viruses.

I use a hand sanitizer which is at least 60 percent alcohol. I’m a little OCD
about this when I fly as lots of people are sitting close to each other and
touching faucets in bathroom etc. It isn’t easy to get up and down to go to bathroom on flight and this is much more convenient. Due to previous passengers touching arm rests, food trays etc I think this is a good pre-caution. Think of all the items people touch and that you subsequently touch such as magazines and newspapers in front of your seat. The Webmd site advises not to touch your face after touching items. Viruses can be spread very easily this way.

On the plane I take extra vitamin C, my multi-vitamin and B-complex. Other supplements recommended for the immune system include golden seal, ecchinachae, co 10 and selenium. If you are travelling during the winter months, you can also get a flu shot ahead of time. If you are someone who always catches a cold when on a plane, doing a few of the above should be helpful. You are probably also someone who always gets stuck next to the person on the airplane who is sneezing and coughing the most too.

I see people wearing face masks, though I personally don’t do this. Also using a mouthwash during the flight can be helpful as we sometimes fall asleep with our mouths open and of course often chew gum or talk to others next to us.

If the flight isn’t packed, you can try to get your seat changed so you aren’t next to someone with a cold or who is carrying germs. I haven’t taken this by my friend swears by airborne though says you don’t just take it once, but follow through with the directions. Just like planning your packing, think out ways to boost your immune system and stay germ-free when you fly.

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