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Plane Crash in Hudson River: A Survivor’s Story

I just flew to Charlotte Tuesday from Albany on US Airways and was stunned to hear about the flight to Charlotte out of NYC landing in the water due the engine failure. Do you wonder how you’d cope with this and what would flash through your mind? Fred Berretta describes his experience and what the impact sounded and felt like. The sense of time was very interesting as well as dealing with an emergency.

Fred’s account is interesting. He seemed to really want to watch it for a long time. I am not sure if I’d want to watch it. The sense of control about things as well as fears, questions about rafts, length of time on the wing, question about water of 42 degrees and temperature of 20 degrees were all pretty striking.

Do you wonder if you’d remain calm, think only of yourself and what state of mind you’d have through an ordeal like this?

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