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Parking Near Miami Airport: 4 Parking Options

miami airport parking Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. In addition, the airport is very congested and can lead to frustration by anyone approaching the terminals. This can cause challenges for airport visitors trying to find parking spaces and catching flights. People are driving frantically around the airport trying to find both close and cheap parking.

Airport parking can be expensive and limited at the Miami airport. Here are some alternative and affordable nearby parking lots that offer airport parking.

Airport Fast Park

Airport Fast Park is located at 4101 NW 31st St. and located at the Miami airport. This parking option offers free shuttle service, discount coupons and a frequent parker program. The shuttle service literally follows the traveller to the parking space and picks the airport parker up from the space. The next stop is to one of the main entrances of the airport to the terminal where you are leaving from for your airline.

Continental Airport Parking

Continental Airport Parking is located on 4021 N. W. 26th St and located about a mile from Miami International Airport. This is one of the closest parking near Miami airport. Also, the company offers valet parking, covered parking and uncovered parking. The company is open for 24 hours and offers shuttle service to the airport.

CBM Airport Parking

CBM Airport Parking is another airport parking option that’s located at 3499 NW 25th Street. The advantages to using this company is that the company offers free car wash and valet service. Please know that the shuttle service does not make continuous trips back and forth to the airport. You will have to call the shuttle service for a ride to the airport and wait for the shuttle service to arrive.

LaQuinta Miami Airport East

LaQuinta Miami Airport East is a good option for people that are planning to catch an early morning flight and want to spend the night in a hotel. The hotel is located at 3501 NW Le Jeune Road. In addition, LaQuinta offers free airport parking to people that spend a night in the hotel. The hotel has a free airport parking program called Park, Stay and Fly.

Wyndham Miami Airport Hotel

Wyndham Miami Airport is located at 3900 NW 21st Street. Also, the hotel offers airport parking to travelers that stay or don’t stay at the hotel. The hotel has a shuttle service going to the airport every 15 minutes. The disadvantage is that the Wyndham hotel doesn’t provide valet parking and the traveler has to park their own car.

These are some are the parking options for travelers that want an alternative to regular Miami airport parking. It would help to compare prices, security of the lots and distance from the airport before deciding on the right airport parking company. Furthermore, finding convenient parking near Miami airport will lead to a less stressful airport visit and it’s good to know if there are delays you can get your car easily. Also, you should price compare because sometimes you can get good rates for flying from fort lauderdale airport parking lots so you can consider that or west palm beach airport parking ideas as well. However, there are often very competitive rates at Miami airport , especially to south america and out of the US.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Horatio on February 8th, 2010

    It’s nice to have some options for parking. That traffic can be insane. I forgot my photo id last time when I flew out of Miami and it was really a nightmare. They still don’t let you take your water across security either. Will this rule stop at some point?

  2. Henry on March 28th, 2010

    The shared ride service called Go is good but you can have 3 people ahead of you and it can take a while. Also prices vary. From Ft Lauderdale airport it costs more to get to Boca and Delray than it does to get to Pompano Beach. But they give you the prices. It is around 18.00 if it’s like a 30 minute drive I think.

  3. Julian on June 23rd, 2010

    Miami traffic can be really awful and if you take a shared ride , taxi or limo tell them you need to get there earlier than you do because people in florida run really late.

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