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Parking At Bart: Flying from San Francisco or Oakland Airport

Did you know that you can park at Bart to fly to San Francisco Airport or Oakland Airport and leave your car beyond 24 hours without getting a ticket? You need to actually pay in advance online to do this. It is 6.00 for Peninsula and 5.00 for East Bay.

First of all, this parking permit needs to be done in advance and you can’t just do it by showing up at Bart. You go online to on you can find a link for long term parking under the airport parking options. It asks for drivers license and other information and then you print it out and put it on your dashboard. Remember to have it face the right way so they can read it! Don’t put it upside down.

Also remember where you parked your car and write that down too as you may not remember after flying out of town. If you fly out of San Francisico airport or oakland airport , parking at Bart can be quite convenient. Of course this works best if you don’t have much luggage and if you can time everything properly. There are still off airport parking options near Bart stations if that’s more convenient for you if you wanted additional security off-site parking. Of course, don’t put any valuables when you leave it at long term parking whether it’s a bart station or an off-site parking lot.
Even if it’s not visible, people could pop the trunk from the front of car if they break a window so I wouldn’t suggest leaving a laptop or something you like in the trunk of a car parked for airport parking.

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