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Orland Sanford Airport: Disneyland in Florida

orlando sanford airportAre you leaving the Orlando Sanford airport or flying in and going to Disneyland finally to appease your kids? Remember there is a lot more to do on top of Disneyland activities in the Orlando area. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not and the Orlando Science Center are great places to visit. First of all this is not the same airport as Orlando International Airport Parking information which is about the MCO airport. That is the main airport and about 30 miles away. The Sanford airport is used a lot by flights from Allegiant Air as well as other carriers. The initials are SFB

There are a number of places, both on and off-site for parking the vehicle if you are flying out. You will want to start off by learning about the rates which are charged for the garage, starting at $2.00 for every half hour and $15.00 for every day that your vehicle is parked in this area. The garage at the Sanford airport consists of levels two, three, four, and five so there is usually plenty of room for those who need to find a spot to park their vehicle. Of course, Christmas week can be a high traffic time so it is important to give a call to check on things.

For those who want to save money there is also the economy lot at the airport which charges a total of $2.00 for every half hour and only $10.00 for every day. The value lot parking is $2.00 for half hour increments and $10.00 for daily parking as well. There is also the hourly lot that you will want to consider if you are not going to be very long inside the airport. This lot charges $2.00 for every 20 minutes and is recommended for those who do not planning on being in the airport for very long at all.

Park-All Vehicle Storage is an off-site options for those who are going through this airport and want to save money on fees. The parking facilities are located on Beardall Avenue in Sanford and offer rates which are lower than many of the on-site lots. Their hourly rates start as low as $2.00 and you can check into their deals. All of the parking that Park-All offers is safe and secure which is important.

Park EZ Fly also offer off-site parking for those who are interested in saving a few bucks and they offer discounted rates on parking . They have state-of-the-art security features which protect against theft or vandalism while your vehicle is there.

If you are flying light, you can think about transportation options such as taking the Greyhound bus as they have bus service from Downtown Tampa to Orlando and Walt Disney World . This can be a fun thing to do if you want to see Florida over a break. Another option is taking shuttles such as American Coach shuttle or the Orlando Carriers service. Don’t forget the Lynx bus and Stylus transportation options.

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