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Off Airport Parking - How to Get to Airport and Save

What are the options for off airport parking or dealing with an inexpensive way to travel. Well, if you don’t want to have a friend get up at 5 am to take you to the airport, there are places to park near airports that are less expensive than many of the airport parking lots. You also will get shuttled to the airport terminal and picked up from there. They vary in pricing depending on whether you want your car in covered parking or not as well as other services that are provided.

If you were to park on at the airport you can use the long-term, economy parking or short-term lots but research the prices first. These have buses that take people to terminal.  Some hotels and car rental agencies also allow people to leave their cars at the lots for a fee.  Certain cities will have a shared ride car from the terminal that takes people to their homes. In Fort Lauderdale, for example, the shared limo will have 3-4 people in the car. It is eighteen dollars and works very well if you are one of the first dropped off but can be a long ride if you are the last person. I have been in the car where the other passengers homes were 30 minutes away from mine and it took a while to get home, but it is convenient. We’ll look at different cities and the transportation options available for off airport parking so you can keep your independence, not bother a friend for a ride and have your car there when you need it if your flight is delayed.

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