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NYC Area Airports: History and Background

There are three main airports near New York City. John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens handles primarily international flights. LaGuardia airport is also located in Queens and handles mainly domestic flies. If you are flying in to New York from anywhere in the U.S then there is a strong possibility that you will end up at LaGuardia airport. Newark airport is located in Newark, New Jersey and handles international and domestic flights. Each of the airports near New York City are run by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and each has an interesting history associated with it.

The JFK airport started as a golf course called Idlewild Golf Course. In April of 1942, New York City started covering the area with hydraulic fill. The new Idlewild Airport initially was supposed to be 1,000 acres in size, however by the time construction was complete the airport was over four times the size. Commercial flights at Idlewild Airport began in 1948 in July. Idlewild was rededicated John F. Kennedy International Airport on December 24, 1963 in memory of John F. Kennedy the United States thirty-fifth president. JFK has more than seventy five airlines operating from the airport and is now the nation’s leading international air travel gateway. JFK Airport Parking options including both on-site and nearby parking.

Another one of the airports near New York City is LaGuardia. The current location of the airport was originally an amusement park owned by the Steinway family. Once considered a popular destination, Gala Amusement Park was turned into a 105 acre private airport.The original name of LaGuardia was Glenn H. Curtiss Airport after the aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss. Shortly after it was re-named North Beach Airport. New York City took over South Beach Airport in 1937, then enlarged the airport grounds by purchasing some adjoining land and then filled the 357 acres on the east side that were originally water front. New York Municipal Airport-LaGuardia Field was the new name of the airport when it re-opened in 1939. The Port Authority began leasing the airport in 1947.

One of the airports near New York City is Newark. Newark airport got its start on October 1, 1928. The airport was the first major airport in the metropolitan area and was originally built on 68 acres of marshland. The air port was built by the City of Newark and soon became a busy commercial airport.
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Newark was operated by the Army Air Corps during World War II. In 1948, the Port Authority took over Newark and started to make some major improvements. In the early 1970’s the airport had a Central Terminal Area, a Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant, a Port Authority Administration Building as well as roadways and taxiways. An instrument runway, terminal building, air cargo center and a control tower were also added. As the years have passed many other improvements have been added to Newark. The airports near New York City continue to be popular and full of traffic both in the air and on the ground.

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