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Long Term Airport Parking Advice: Tips and Hints

Using airport long term parking can be worrisome, after all you are leaving one of the most valuable possessions in a public place with possibly questionable security, lighting issues, public access for a longer than average period of time. Each airport has different conditions in their long-term parking lot and different degrees of security. However, there are some things you can do to make long term parking safe, convenient and more enjoyable. The following are some pointer and tips to consider before your trip:

Clear your vehicle of all valuables:

Many people feel that airport long term parking is safe due to the security staff provided, however this does not guarantee that your car will be safe and secure from theft or damage. One of the most important things you can do before parking is to remove all belongings from your car before you leave. For example, you should remove any radio equipment, personal players or planners, clothing and even the car information from your glove compartment before parking and boarding your flight. By not leaving anything within site your car is a less likely target for a break-in attempt or theft. If it looks like your car was cleaned before your flight, this may deter potential thieves.

Clear you vehicle of previous parking stubs and receipts:

One of the most inconvenient situations to happen while in airport long term parking is to lose your parking pass or present the parking staff with a stub that is expired. This can be incredibly inconvenient for both you and the parking representative. You may also find that airport parking security is less than forgiving when your parking pass is covered or thrown onto the dash into a pile of expired parking stubs. By cleaning you car and disposing of past passes and used tickets you can ensure that your entry and exit will run smoothly and without incident.

Clear your vehicle of garbage and trash:

This is an important point to remember for two reasons. One, returning to a car full of fast food wrappers, old napkins and coffee cups will be less than enjoyable once the car has been in airport long term parking and closed-up for days or even weeks. And the second reason has to do with security and your own personal privacy. Although identity theft is not common it does happen and many professional criminals can find all the information they need from the papers left in your car. For example, mail, paystubs, bills, parking tickets, car insurance information and pocket books can help provide all the information needed to cause you some serious problems. By cleaning your car prior to parking you can ensure that both your belongings and identity will be safe when you return.

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  1. Jill on October 1st, 2009

    Long term parking isn’t always safe. My friend had a small bag in the car (like a canvas tote bag). It didn’t have anything valuable in it, but someone took it. I guess they thought it may have money in it. It is best to really make the car perfectly clean when you park at an airport, probably even for short-term parking.

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