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JFK Airport Transportation Tips for Bus, Subway and Railroads

You have a flight leaving from JFK. What are some options for people looking to take trains, subways or buses to the JFK International Airport? Keep in mind this works best if you don’t have much luggage! If you are able to get to Port Authority or Grand Central Station, there is an express shuttle bus.

You can get to both Port Authority and Grand Central via trains if you are coming from the westchester area, Long Island or New Jersey. The express bus runs every twenty to thirty minutes. In past it stopped around 10 pm so please research this further if you have a late flight.

There is also a Super Shuttle Van service which means it’s shared with a few others (so there will be other stops). This is still much less expensive than a cab or a town car limo service. They are blue and yellow vans and more economical than an exclusive ride to the airport.

If you are up for a train, you can take the Long Island Rail Road from Penn station to Jamaica and pick up the Airtran in Jamaica. These run very regularly and this method has been recommended by some visitors to the site. In the middle of the night, the LIRR trains run less frequently than every 15 minutes so plan accordingly.

You can also take the E train from Penn Station to Sutphin Blvd and pick up the Airtrain from there to save a bit of money or have more frequent options out of Penn in the middle of the night.

If someone will give you a ride to JFK Airport you can find driving directions here: Directions to JFK Airport .

Traffic in the metropolitan area cannot be predicted, and just because it isn’t rush hour it doesn’t mean you won’t be stuck in traffic or hit by Murphy’s law. After all, we just heard about the plane from La Guardia having to land in the Hudson due to birds hitting the plane. NY is a place where anything can happen.

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  1. Doug on September 11th, 2009

    Are there hotels near jfk that are affordable? It is hard to time things when you take public transportation to the airport. I heard jfk airport parking rates went up.

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