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JFK Airport Parking: Short and Long-Term Options

JFK International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. International flights going in and out for the eastern side of the nation will depart from this airport. Regardless of where your trip may be taking you, you are going to need parking for your vehicle.

JFK airport parking for short-term needs is available close to the terminals. The central parking lot offers garage and surface parking that are color coded to match each different terminal. This is particularly helpful in being able to locate a parking spot close to your boarding terminal, and upon your return you can easily find where you parked. Short-term parking is also ideal for family and friends who want to stick around to see you off. Since it is illegal to park in the loading zones, this makes more sense.

Since JFK is a high volume airport, you may discover that parking close to the terminals won’t happen. You may find that there aren’t any spots open at all in the central lot. No worries. There are many independent short-term parking lots located within a short distance from the airport. One option is SmartPark which is on South Conduit Avenue in South Ozone Park. It has both long-term off airport parking services and short-term off-site parking options.

JFK airport parking can also include long-term parking. When you plan on being gone longer than 24 hours, long-term parking is necessary. The long-term parking lot for the airport is located on Lefferts Boulevard and is designated from all possible access points by signs that tell you where to go. The long-term lot has a tram that makes regular trips between the lot and the airport. It is about four miles away.

Long-term parking is in just as much of a demand as short-term parking. This can make it difficult to find a spot. If you find that the long-term lot is full, there are plenty of other independent parking lots spread around that will accept long-term parking. Don’t forget that you can also take the Long Island Rail Road to Jamaica, NY and take the air train from there that goes right to JFK. This of course would depend on the amount of luggage you have and the distance you need to travel.

The best thing that you can do when possible is think things out ahead of time. If you choose an off-site or off airport parking lot, you can figure it out in advance. Of course also leave yourself sufficient time to get to the terminal on time as delayed traffic is a given in the ny metropolitan area.

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2 Comments so far

  1. Janice on September 22nd, 2009

    There was a service I took from Penn Station that was a bus that went to JFK. I got there really early because it was hard to time it right. They also could have a shuttle from grand central station in case you are on east side of NYC. There is no way I’d try to drive and park near JFK airport or even newark or laguardia airports.

  2. Lenora H on October 29th, 2009

    It seems like it would be really hard to time how long it takes to get from taking the LIRR to Jamaica and then having to catch the airtrain into JFK airport terminals. I’d be nervous about one of the trains getting delayed but I guess parking at jfk airport also has the risk of car traffic so there are advantages of this idea. But only if you don’t have much luggage.

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