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Charges for Baggage and Soda with USAirways

It’s extra money now to put a bag through baggage claim and not have it as a carry-on item. In fact, if you use the outdoor check-in , as I found out in Fort Lauderdale Airport, it’s more than checking it inside. There is also a two dollar charge for a soda or drink on board too (non-alcoholic). These used to be free. Will more people be using southwest which doesn’t at this time charge for checking a piece of luggage?

Despite oil prices dropping, it doesn’t look like USAirways will bring back the free beverages and drop the baggage check-in fee.  It is fifteen dollars now to check one piece of luggage and twenty five for a second piece of luggage. This can add up. Outside at Fort Lauderdale airport I believe it was three dollars higher than checking it inside the airport. You still have to pay for over sized baggage and extra weight as well.  Walkers and crutches are not charged. Shop around and see if you can save on the baggage fee .

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