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Beautiful Florida Beaches

I’m a bit biased as I live down here, but the beaches on the east coast are just gorgeous. If you are down in Florida for Disney, take some time to check out Deerfield Beach as well as Lauderdale by the Sea near Commercial Blvd. These beaches are mid-way between Miami and West Palm Beach. The water is eighty four degrees and it’s the end of October. Read more »

UK Airport Parking Options

uk airport parkingIf you are planning a visit to the UK, you will have no doubt realized that there is a wide range of choice regarding arrival airports. There are 28 international airports in the UK, covering the length and breadth of the country. The right airport for you will be dependent on which places you plan to visit and what you want to see. The UK is a relatively small country in terms of geographical size; however it is blessed with a wealth of history, interesting sights, fun filled days out and cosmopolitan cities. We will discuss three airports in the UK, popular with those looking to explore what this country has to offer.

Some top choices for flying include the London Heathrow airport, Manchester International for Northern UK and Glasgow as a nice way to get to Scotland. Read more »

Disabled Parking at Airports

Air travel can be a challenge for any passenger. The parking, ticket lines, the waiting and boarding processes and security can be frustrating. When you have a disability it is even more difficult. Airports are crowded confusing places to be and the parking lots at these airports are no less confusing. Individuals with disabilities have unique needs while traveling. In an effort to reduce the obstacles that disabled passengers face, airports have begun implementing new systems and methods to assist their travelers. Some of the changes and services deal directly with parking. Read more »

Des Moines Airport Parking: DSM In Iowa

des moines airport parking If you’re going to fly out of Des Moines, Iowa, you may want to either leave your airport at the airport or close to it. Close to around two million use this airport annually. The symbol for this airport is DSM. Here’s a couple of options to use. There’s the Keck Airport Shuttle Parking, which is $6.50 daily and less than 1/2 a mile from the airport. The address is 5555 Fleur Drive . They will get you at baggage claim after you return from your flight. It is well lit and there is a fence. At the Des Moines International Airport Parking the rates are $11.00 a day in the long-term parking lot. You can save also by using the econonmy airport lot at DSM . Read more »

Gatwick Airport Parking

gatwick airport parking

gatwick airport parking

There are lots of places to park nearby the Gatwick airport so let’s look at a few of them. The Gatwick APH Parking has won a secure parking award . They will go to the terminals every twenty minutes. Remember, if you are travelling in the UK, the term is called car parks here. A second option is Gatwick BCP Parking. This has an upscale quality with luxury car service to terminal and 24 hour surveillance assuring security. Read more »

San Jose Airport Parking: SJC Airport Travel Ideas

There are some nice options for parking near the San Jose Airport. Did you know that because the downtown areas is part of the route to the SJC airport, the buildings must be restricted in their heights? The Clarion Hotel will shuttle you to the airport, There are also many choices for off airport parking off of Highway 101 and Highway 880. If you are looking for a shuttle service, the Bayporter and SuperShuttle are 2 shuttle services you can use. Read more »

San Francisco Airport Parking Options and Shuttles

Are you trying to think out the best place to leave your car when you fly out of San Francisco Airport? Yes, sometimes you need to leave this beautiful area! There are some park and fly services around 2 miles from the International Airport so let’s look at them. Alway calculate driving time , traffic and Murphy’s law when you plan for this of course.  One service that is 2.6 miles from the terminal is Fox Auto Park. Read more »

Air Travel:Getting Through Security

Airline rules have changed and getting through security for air travel requires a little bit of planning. I’m not one who likes to wait and once I was completely unorganized and had to go through a security check. It was a bit embarrassing because I had lots of folded papers and old candy wrappers etc in my pocketbook which was in my backpack. There were also a lot of coins at bottom of my pocketbook that may have caused a problem along with hair clips that were metal. I had a laundry ball in my backpack (used as a natural substitute for laundry detergents). It cost me 50 dollars and because it contained gel, I had the choice of going back to the airline counter and re-checking it in my luggage or having it confiscated. It was expensive, so I did go back to the long line at the counter (luckily, I was early). Now, I always clean my pocketbook and backpack before flights to stop any items that may slow down the boarding process. Read more »

Charges for Baggage and Soda with USAirways

It’s extra money now to put a bag through baggage claim and not have it as a carry-on item. In fact, if you use the outdoor check-in , as I found out in Fort Lauderdale Airport, it’s more than checking it inside. There is also a two dollar charge for a soda or drink on board too (non-alcoholic). These used to be free. Will more people be using southwest which doesn’t at this time charge for checking a piece of luggage? Read more »

Flight Entertainment and Learning Ideas

Whether you are sitting at the gate or on a long flight, occupying your mind will make the flight much more enjoyable. Though there was a Seinfeld episode where Elaine’s boyfriend was happy just staring at the back of the seat in front of him, most of us need more mental stimulation.

First of all, it’s always good to bring a book you’re in the middle of reading or wish to read. This needs to be planned of course, though there are bookstores now in many airports. Don’t just think of the top best sellers, but think of your own interests. Who was your favorite author in college and do you miss reading him? Have you heard a book recommended recently on the radio you’ve been wishing to get? Read more »

Off Airport Parking - How to Get to Airport and Save

What are the options for off airport parking or dealing with an inexpensive way to travel. Well, if you don’t want to have a friend get up at 5 am to take you to the airport, there are places to park near airports that are less expensive than many of the airport parking lots. You also will get shuttled to the airport terminal and picked up from there. They vary in pricing depending on whether you want your car in covered parking or not as well as other services that are provided.

If you were to park on at the airport you can use the long-term, economy parking or short-term lots but research the prices first. These have buses that take people to terminal.  Some hotels and car rental agencies also allow people to leave their cars at the lots for a fee.  Certain cities will have a shared ride car from the terminal that takes people to their homes. In Fort Lauderdale, for example, the shared limo will have 3-4 people in the car. It is eighteen dollars and works very well if you are one of the first dropped off but can be a long ride if you are the last person. I have been in the car where the other passengers homes were 30 minutes away from mine and it took a while to get home, but it is convenient. We’ll look at different cities and the transportation options available for off airport parking so you can keep your independence, not bother a friend for a ride and have your car there when you need it if your flight is delayed.