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Sacramento International Airport Parking

There’s a secret place that has been leaked on the internet where people wait for loved ones near the Sacramento Airport to avoid the congestion in front of baggage claim. Note that this is not an official parking lot.

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Chicago Airport Parking: How to Get to Airport and Where to Park

Chicago O’Hare airport is about twenty miles northwest from the Downtown area. If you are staying in downton Chicago you can take the Blue Line Rail Service to get to airport. Are you thinking of parking near the airport? There are options for that as well. Read more »

Boston Logan Airport Parking:Transportation Ideas without Hassle

Whether you are in Boston for the Red Sox, Celtics, college life or metropolitan offerings, sometimes you need to figure out where to leave your car when you go to the airport or how to get there efficiently and save money by public transportations. Let’s look at some ways. Read more »

Los Angeles Airport Transportation: LAX Flying Tips

Leaving Lax or Los Angeles International Airport requires some planning. It can be a very congested area and with lots of traffic. Also some of the off-site parking options can be 2-3 miles from terminal so keep that in mind. It is worth considering these given the hectic aspect of parking at the airport itself. Read more »

Cleveland Airport Parking:Transportation Tips

Finding a suitable parking plot near Cleveland airport is necessary if you’re taking off on a well deserved break or shooting off on a professional business trip. There is a wide range of options available to you when parking near or at Cleveland airport and in this article there will be a few easier options provided for you. Remember that there are different levels of service from economy to valet and that some parking lots off-site offer car washing and other ammenities. Read more »

Parking Near Orlando Airport: Where to Leave the Car

You may be trying to fly out of Orlando airport and wondering about where to leave your car if you don’t want to take a limo or taxi. Or you may be picking up someone at the airport to go to Disney, enjoy their college vacation or have a family reunion. Where can you park for that? Read more »

Dallas Airport Parking:Fort Worth International Airport

The off airport parking lot services for the Dallas Fort Worth Airport are approximately 4 to 5 miles away from the airport so keep that in mind when you plan your trip. Here are a few to select from. Please note that prices may have changed since last researched due to the economy and cost of fuel:

1) PCA Airport Parking is located at 5100 W. John Carpenter Frwy. It is 5.3 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport terminal. The cost is approximately 10.00 for indoor.

2) The Parking Spot has two locations: The Parking Spot North is found at 4505 Plaza Drive, with an outdoor rate of approximately 9.00 and an indoor rate of roughly 11.00.  It is 5.4 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport terminal.

There is also the Parking Spot South. This is located at 1945 Valley View Lane and has same pricing as the north location. It is also 5.4 miles from airport.

The airport parking itself has 40,000 spots! It is a huge hub. There are also two hotels at the airport itself if that works better with your arrangements. It’s been rated the 7th busiest passenger airport in 2008.

Atlanta Airport Parking-Atl Discounts

Atlanta airport is always busy , both because it is a location many love for vacations, a common spot for business meetings and a hub for connections to other cities. Atlanta airport parking options are nice as there is a good selection for off-site parking. Remember to give yourself time to find it, catch the ride back to terminal and deal with any traffic. One location that is only 1.7 miles from the Atlanta Airport is to park at the Atlanta Airport Mariott. Read more »

Airport Parking Philadelphia:International Hub Transportation Options

A lot of people decide to drive or get transportation to Philly due to fact it links almost everywhere as is a huge international hub. What are the airport parking philadelphia options one has? Because it’s the ninth in the world busiest airport, if you are headed there you need to know your route ahead of time and be aware of rush hour traffic delays. Read more »

Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking-Where to Park Nearby

If you don’t want to wake up a friend for a ride to the airport, the fort lauderdale airport has some nice service nearby facilities to leave your car. You can also use their long-term , short-term and economy lots. One lot near the airport is “Park N Go”. This off airport parking lot will give you free transportation as well as help you with your luggage. It is a little more than a mile from the ft lauderdale airport. Read more »