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Dallas Airport Parking:Fort Worth International Airport

The off airport parking lot services for the Dallas Fort Worth Airport are approximately 4 to 5 miles away from the airport so keep that in mind when you plan your trip. Here are a few to select from. Please note that prices may have changed since last researched due to the economy and cost of fuel:

1) PCA Airport Parking is located at 5100 W. John Carpenter Frwy. It is 5.3 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport terminal. The cost is approximately 10.00 for indoor.

2) The Parking Spot has two locations: The Parking Spot North is found at 4505 Plaza Drive, with an outdoor rate of approximately 9.00 and an indoor rate of roughly 11.00.  It is 5.4 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport terminal.

There is also the Parking Spot South. This is located at 1945 Valley View Lane and has same pricing as the north location. It is also 5.4 miles from airport.

The airport parking itself has 40,000 spots! It is a huge hub. There are also two hotels at the airport itself if that works better with your arrangements. It’s been rated the 7th busiest passenger airport in 2008.