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Airport Karaoke: Houston Airport

Boredom in the airport is one of the biggest complaints of travellers. Despite having ipods, dvds, latest best sellers, packs of chocolate candy, fun hand held devices- it is hard to find enough to do during an airport layover. At Houston airport, they’ve set up airport karoake to deal with this problem.

At George Bush airport in Houston, between terminals D and E, customers can belt it out. For some, it’s their first Karaoke experience. Kids love to get up there singing Christmas tunes and it has been a big hit and way to break up the trip. Some predict it will continue year round and others say it will expand to other major city airport terminals.

If you are bored at the airport, check out what other facilities may be available. For instance, at Dallas- Fort Worth Airport there is a nice gym work out facility.

At Boston Logan Airport and Chicago Ohare, there are children’s museums inside. You can find kid play areas at certain airports including St. Paul International in Minnesota and Wayne County Airport in Detroit.
De-stressing due to weather delays, long layovers, security aggravations and long walks between terminals is necessary to get centered again for your time away from home. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and wonderful New Year.

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