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Is Your Airport Internet Wi-Fi Connection Your Highest Priority

According to a survey by American Airlines, wifi connection at the airport was more critical than the food offerings by a 30 percent margin. This was a study done covering over 1400 passengers who travel often. It also is interesting that having a dead computer battery was the highest complaint. A second complaint was the difficulty in finding plugs at the airport.

I know I have found it frustrating to hunt for an outlet at airport when travelling. Sometimes you find one, sit down, undo the laptop case, pull out the laptop, set up the snack from the bag and only find that the outlet isn’t working. ARRGH. This is verrry exasperating.

Passengers find they don’t work as well on planes, but obviously this has to do with no wifi connections. One of the areas of concern according to a pilot was that to implement a wifi connection on the plane in the past involved an additional weight issue.

Is wifi the first thing you look for in the airport? Or do you seek the food court location before any other priority? I know some people like southwest because they seem to have tons of outlets at their gates compared to other airlines. There are both little tables with bar chairs with outlets plus those big comfy chairs with plugs. I use this when I fly out of Fort Lauderdale Airport to go to NY often and it really can help kill the time. Don’t forget to check out the 9 Dollar Flight Fares for bargains too.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Wally on June 28th, 2009

    So often the plugs don’t work in airports. Why can’t they fix this? They know airport wifi connection is important to people and people are delayed so much of the time. They just don’t care. At airport terminals the first thing I do is try to find the outlets but there is usually another geek there who is using both of them for his mobile and laptop and hogging them.

  2. Sophia on September 13th, 2009

    It shows how much the internet addiction is an issue when people are choosing to get online over eating a meal. I know someone who won’t even fly out of jfk on a short trip because they are always on the internet. I think it is a national problem now. We used to travel, now we travel virtually instead.

  3. Richard on September 26th, 2009

    Now that netbooks are cheap I am getting one just to have when flying. There are some netbooks you can get for practically free if you sign a contract for a broadband air card. In that case it won’t even matter if the airport has free wifi internet because you can just use your own card anyway.

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