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Airport Full Body Scans: Revealing Screening by Security

Some US Airports are now trying out full body scans at the airport. These are being tested in 19 airports including Salt Lake City, San Francisco Airport , Las Vegas Airport and Miami International Airport. A number of people are upset about the screeners being able to see one’s naked body .

These imaging devices check for contraband but a concern to some people is about the images that can be possibly copied via a cell phone camera. Having security staff get a view of the body seems to many to be an invasion of their privacy. It is compared to the movie Total Recall in terms of imaging. Faces are supposed to be unrecognizable. The ACLU is questioning the privacy factor, especially for those with operations such as masectomies.

I am not sure how revealing the imaging actually is. It is not the highest quality of images, but nonetheless, it can raise questions. Body curves can be seen. It is viewed by someone in a closed room for TSA security.

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2 Comments so far

  1. Phillip R on May 31st, 2009

    If the airport security crew gets to look at these body scans , I hope they will themselves be screened better for the job. I think this is very private and you don’t want people with questionable characters doing the airport security checks that may have impulse control issues.

  2. Patrick on July 12th, 2009

    Is this airport screening going to spread to other cities. Will the security be allowed to have cell phones because that would be awful if they took pictures of people. We know some airport security steals and sells on ebay so how can this be trusted?

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