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Airline Flight Tracking: How to Get Airline Delays Information

For a number of reasons airline flight tracking is important to know. You’ll want to know if you should leave later to the airport (or in the worst case scenario, not at all). It also is helpful when you have a connecting flight since you need to know if it was cancelled. If it is delayed, you’ll know you have more time for a snack or to take care of other situations while you are in the airport during the transfer period. Also if someone is picking you up at the airport, it’s helpful to let them know or show them how to find out about your flight status.

First of all you can go the website of your airline and they have a flight status box where you can type in flight number. Through orbitz you can register and set up tlc alerts where they will notify you by email or phone about your flight. I learned the hard way that they call 5 hours ahead of time when I was awakened at 5 am for a flight at eleven am, so if you do not want that situation, I recommend getting the e-mail alerts. If you did pick phone by accident and don’t want that, you can change your options at their website.

Another website you can use to see flight status and get info is . There is a lot of info here. I’m not surprised to see that google is on top of things too. You can type in the airline company and flight number -ie usairways 2054 and it will give you the info right at the top. By the way, you can also do this for getting an address from someone’s landline. Just type in their area code and number and you’ll see their address if they don’t have an unlisted phone number.

For those that like visuals, you can have a nice flight tracker in 3D using or . You can see speed, altitude and gate it arrives at. This may be more high-tech than is necessary for those people who just want to find out IF they are leaving or arriving on time. Fboweb can be integrated with google earth too if you are a true visual type that enjoys details on airline flight tracking and all it’s dimensions.

If you don’t have internet access, take the number of our airline with you to airport as they have an automated menu where you can find the information of delays. When you check-in at the gate, you can also ask them about your connecting flight to get informed earlier about the next leg of your trip. Sometimes of course delays occur while you are on plane and waiting for take-off. For instance,the pilot will announce that they are checking the computer or that they are backed up for taking off. If you are still on the ground at the gate, you probably will still be allowed to use your cell to get the message out to your pick up ride if it seems the delay will be significant or risk your making your connection.

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