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Air Travel:Getting Through Security

Airline rules have changed and getting through security for air travel requires a little bit of planning. I’m not one who likes to wait and once I was completely unorganized and had to go through a security check. It was a bit embarrassing because I had lots of folded papers and old candy wrappers etc in my pocketbook which was in my backpack. There were also a lot of coins at bottom of my pocketbook that may have caused a problem along with hair clips that were metal. I had a laundry ball in my backpack (used as a natural substitute for laundry detergents). It cost me 50 dollars and because it contained gel, I had the choice of going back to the airline counter and re-checking it in my luggage or having it confiscated. It was expensive, so I did go back to the long line at the counter (luckily, I was early). Now, I always clean my pocketbook and backpack before flights to stop any items that may slow down the boarding process.You need to be sure that the toiletries containing gel or liquid are the proper size when you put them in the plastic baggy. They all should be put in a quart sized baggy and the containers within it should be three ounces or less. (This means the CONTAINER must be 3 ounces or less too!). Each person travelling gets to carry one quart sized bag.

In terms of prescription medications, each needs to be in it’s original container. Don’t just mix them into one even if you are travelling for a few days. Diabetics can take their prescription insulin on the plane. Baby formulas are also as well as liquid foods. Inhalers for those with asthma are also permitted for carry on luggage with proper screening.

Remember to keep the covers and caps tight on anything liquid. I am not going to describe what happened when my liquid foundation spilled out as I ran from one concourse to another at Philadelphia Airport. Remember that things get bumped in the overhead compartments and if you are moving a lot items are bouncing.

I find putting jewelry and coins in a plastic bag helpful to keep things organized and dealing with security.  I like wearing sneakers but clogs or easy slip-on shoes work well going through security. You will need to take these off for them to be x-rayed.

There are some items you can’t take such as scissors, knitting needles, toe clippers and metal nail files. Hopefully you can get through the flight without these as these aren’t permitted. Of course, also have your license handy and tickets as you’ll need these too for getting through security during air travel.

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