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Orland Sanford Airport: Disneyland in Florida

orlando sanford airportAre you leaving the Orlando Sanford airport or flying in and going to Disneyland finally to appease your kids? Remember there is a lot more to do on top of Disneyland activities in the Orlando area. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not and the Orlando Science Center are great places to visit. First of all this is not the same airport as Orlando International Airport Parking information which is about the MCO airport. That is the main airport and about 30 miles away. The Sanford airport is used a lot by flights from Allegiant Air as well as other carriers. The initials are SFB Read more »

Birmingham Airport Parking

Knowing what your options are regarding parking is going to be important if you will be traveling through Birmingham Airport. If you want to park on-site, you will have a variety of options and each of the zones that have been developed for this purpose will be color-coded so you will know. You will have areas of the airport that will be available for those who are parking for just a few hours or those who need somewhere to put their car for multiple days. One of the first on-site options you will have is the Airport Remote Lot which is surface parking and has a total of 900 spaces available. Those who want to park in the remote lot will be able to take a shuttle over to the main airport. Read more »