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Volcanic Ash and Airplane Jet Engines

A disruption in flights due to the problem of volcanic ash is not new to the airline world. Though many are first hearing about this due to the recent news event from the Iceland volcanic eruption, it has been a problem in the past and is not isolated. The volcanic ash eruptions form a cloud about six to eleven kilometers high-where most commercial airlines fly.

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Days for the Cheapest Air Fares

cheap flying days It is often very difficult to find affordable airline tickets. With the rising cost of flying and the new fees for baggage and other essentials have made many travelers shop around for the least expensive rates available. People have to really work at finding the best rates by scouring the internet and searching different sites. Some small changes can also help you to obtain the best prices. For example, find the right days for the cheapest air fares, and waiting until the perfect day to buy the tickets are a few ideas. Read more »