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Airport Parking San Jose: Off-Site, Public Transportation and Other Ideas

san jose airport Whenever you take an airplane and park, there is often a nagging thought about what will happen to your car when you’re gone. If you’re in San Jose, what are some of the parking options? First of all, don’t rule out public transportation because you can leave your car for a week at certain Light Rail Stops. Read more »

Des Moines Airport Parking: DSM In Iowa

des moines airport parking If you’re going to fly out of Des Moines, Iowa, you may want to either leave your airport at the airport or close to it. Close to around two million use this airport annually. The symbol for this airport is DSM. Here’s a couple of options to use. There’s the Keck Airport Shuttle Parking, which is $6.50 daily and less than 1/2 a mile from the airport. The address is 5555 Fleur Drive . They will get you at baggage claim after you return from your flight. It is well lit and there is a fence. At the Des Moines International Airport Parking the rates are $11.00 a day in the long-term parking lot. You can save also by using the econonmy airport lot at DSM . Read more »