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Is Your Airport Internet Wi-Fi Connection Your Highest Priority

According to a survey by American Airlines, wifi connection at the airport was more critical than the food offerings by a 30 percent margin. This was a study done covering over 1400 passengers who travel often. It also is interesting that having a dead computer battery was the highest complaint. A second complaint was the difficulty in finding plugs at the airport. Read more »

Airport Full Body Scans: Revealing Screening by Security

Some US Airports are now trying out full body scans at the airport. These are being tested in 19 airports including Salt Lake City, San Francisco Airport , Las Vegas Airport and Miami International Airport. A number of people are upset about the screeners being able to see one’s naked body . Read more »

How to Fly with Your Pet: What Are Airplane Rules for Dogs

dog on airplane

dog on airplane

Are you thinking of flying with your dog or pet? If so, you need to find out a few things and these are connected to the airline you are taking. Some airlines allow pets on the cabin and others require them to travel as cargo. This is obviously a huge difference. Read more »