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Newark Airport Baggage Claim Theft Arrest: Are Your Bags Safe

It is disturbing to read about crime at the airport from hired workers, but recently it was publicized that one of the baggage screeners, Pythias Brown, was found guilty of taking laptops, jewelry, cameras and other items out of luggage that was checked before the flight. Ironically, this was found by the fact these items were being sold on ebay. Read more »

Chicago Airport Parking: How to Get to Airport and Where to Park

Chicago O’Hare airport is about twenty miles northwest from the Downtown area. If you are staying in downton Chicago you can take the Blue Line Rail Service to get to airport. Are you thinking of parking near the airport? There are options for that as well. Read more »

How to Make Airport Travel Have the Least Amount of Hassles

Airport travel is a day of constant watchfulness . If you have kids, you need to bring sufficient entertainment items and of course keep track of where they are at all times. There may be a nagging fear about whether your luggage will be lost. Worries about connecting flights and weather can also be in one’s mind. What are the best ways to make your airport travel the best it can be? Read more »