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Security at an Off Airport Parking Car Park Lot Facility

This is an interesting video of some deception┬áby an off airport parking lot service. It turns out the service that advertised a 24 hour security situation at Gatwick Airport in the UK took the car to a public road instead. Do you know where your car is? Is it on a side ride? Are you insured if it’s stolen?

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Taking a Share Ride from Fort Lauderdale Airport

When I flew to NY a few weeks ago from Fort Lauderdale airport, I took the shared ride service which is 18.00. I fortunately was picked up 2nd. The person before me lived in Boca which is further north than me. They go from north to south when you are heading south to the airport. I took the front seat, as I find that is more roomy than sitting in the back with three others. Read more »