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Plane Crash in Hudson River: A Survivor’s Story

I just flew to Charlotte Tuesday from Albany on US Airways and was stunned to hear about the flight to Charlotte out of NYC landing in the water due the engine failure. Do you wonder how you’d cope with this and what would flash through your mind? Fred Berretta describes his experience and what the impact sounded and felt like. The sense of time was very interesting as well as dealing with an emergency.

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JFK Airport Transportation Tips for Bus, Subway and Railroads

You have a flight leaving from JFK. What are some options for people looking to take trains, subways or buses to the JFK International Airport? Keep in mind this works best if you don’t have much luggage! If you are able to get to Port Authority or Grand Central Station, there is an express shuttle bus. Read more »

Which Airports Have Least Delays:Where Do You Have Problems

There are some interesting findings on which airports have best on-time reports and least delays vs the airports that have the worst stats. It is important to note that one important for this is weather problems and this is not something that is in our control. What are the top airports for the best on-time results? Read more »

Boston Logan Airport Parking:Transportation Ideas without Hassle

Whether you are in Boston for the Red Sox, Celtics, college life or metropolitan offerings, sometimes you need to figure out where to leave your car when you go to the airport or how to get there efficiently and save money by public transportations. Let’s look at some ways. Read more »

Living in the Airport Terminal:Japanese Man Offered A Home

If you’ve seen the movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks, it may have seemed like something only possible in the past. However, recently a Japanese man who had been living in Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City in terminal one has been in the news. Nohara has been sleeping there since Sept 2nd but someone recently invited him to live in her home.

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