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Detroit Airport Tunnel Video

The Detroit Airport Tunnel connects concourse A to C. The location is the McNamara Terminal. It is very interesting so if you have time you my want to walk it. (Or you may need to if your gate change requires the different concourse letter). It’s a neat experience of light and sound. Read more »

Do You Always Catch A Cold When Flying: Airport Flight Tips

Whenever I used to fly, it seems I would get a cold or respiratory infection. This was very frustrating. I now take some supplements and use pre-cautions when I am in the airport and on plane to try to boost my immune system. First of all, airplanes can be very cold, so you don’t want to be shivering and getting sick on that account. Bring a sweater or sweatshirt with you for the flight itself. This also works well for my job where I work with kids and the elderly as a counselor. Read more »

Seattle Airport Parking- Seatac Parking, Transportation and Shuttles

If you are flying out of or arriving at Seattle Airport or Seatac, there are a various parking and transportation options.  Remember that weekly rates can be less per day so if it is a vacation week that may work out well. You’ll save by making reservations ahead of time and also if you don’t use the valet service. However, the valet services have nice perks so think about your budget. One parking facility that is very reasonable is Park N Jet which is about 2.6 miles from Seatac Airport. Read more »

Newark Airport Parking-Newark Airport Transportation Services

Are you flying out of Newark International Airport and working out the details about using a shuttle service versus parking at the Newark Airport Parking off-airport service lots? There are several choices near the airport and many are only 2 to 3 miles away.  Let’s look at some of them. Read more »

Driving Directions to JFK Airport

Ok, you are taking on the challenge and decided to drive to JFK airport. I don’t really recommend this due to fact that traffic can be insane, but if you are determined here are the routes from Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island to the JFK International Airport: Read more »

Airline Flight Tracking: How to Get Airline Delays Information

For a number of reasons airline flight tracking is important to know. You’ll want to know if you should leave later to the airport (or in the worst case scenario, not at all). It also is helpful when you have a connecting flight since you need to know if it was cancelled. If it is delayed, you’ll know you have more time for a snack or to take care of other situations while you are in the airport during the transfer period. Also if someone is picking you up at the airport, it’s helpful to let them know or show them how to find out about your flight status. Read more »