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Beautiful Florida Beaches

I’m a bit biased as I live down here, but the beaches on the east coast are just gorgeous. If you are down in Florida for Disney, take some time to check out Deerfield Beach as well as Lauderdale by the Sea near Commercial Blvd. These beaches are mid-way between Miami and West Palm Beach. The water is eighty four degrees and it’s the end of October. Read more »

Flying Into The Philippines

flying into philippines Flying into the Philippines, by any chance? Whether it’s for business or for a vacation, getting to the Philippines is pretty easy and cost-effective, especially if you know where to fly out from. Several major American airlines such as Delta and American Airlines fly direct to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and the central take-off point to other destinations in the archipelago.

If you’re coming from the United States and planning a trip to the Philippines, here are some options you can choose from. We’ll discuss flying in from Lax Airport, JFK International Airport and using Chicago O’Hare Airport as well as the best times to fly. Read more »

UK Airport Parking Options

uk airport parkingIf you are planning a visit to the UK, you will have no doubt realized that there is a wide range of choice regarding arrival airports. There are 28 international airports in the UK, covering the length and breadth of the country. The right airport for you will be dependent on which places you plan to visit and what you want to see. The UK is a relatively small country in terms of geographical size; however it is blessed with a wealth of history, interesting sights, fun filled days out and cosmopolitan cities. We will discuss three airports in the UK, popular with those looking to explore what this country has to offer.

Some top choices for flying include the London Heathrow airport, Manchester International for Northern UK and Glasgow as a nice way to get to Scotland. Read more »

Top Airport Restaurants

top airport restaurants Some of the top airport restaurants may just be in your area and you didn’t even know it! These days, airports are a mecca of food choices. With tourism and travel at its highest rate than ever before, airports are featuring a wide range of cuisines and food choices to cater to the various tastes of travelers.

We’ve featured four classic cuisines—from affordable diners and burger joints to established gourmet haunts—found at some of the country’s busiest airports, which include LAX (Los Angeles International Airport in California) , BOS (Boston’s Logan Airport in Mass), SFO (San Francisco International Airport in California) and LGA (Laguardia Airport in NY). Read more »

Airport Codes In The US

us airport codes Did you ever try to make a rental car reservation or set up a flight but get stuck but you don’t know the 3 letter code of the airport? With around 40 thousand airports spread across the globe—19 thousand of which are in the United States alone—having airport codes in the US and in the 195 countries around the world are essential. All airports are universally identified by an official three-letter code, known in the aviation circle as the “International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Identifier.” These codes make it easier for pilots, flight controllers, computers, travel agents and airport crew to identify a particular airport instead of having to say the name in full. However, it can be confusing to consumers trying to book an online flight or rental car when asked to provide a symbol.

The practice of having airport codes in the US began soon after commercial flights became a regular mode of transportation within the United States. As aviation continued to expand to worldwide status, pilots and flight controllers began assigning a specific code or local ID to airports all over the world. Read more »

Miami Cruise Parking

miami cruise parking If you are planning to take a cruise from the Port of Miami, or you have already booked, be aware of the parking charges for leaving your vehicle while you are enjoying your vacation.

If you plan to spend the night before embarking on your cruise, or you are planning a few days vacation in Miami before or after, it is wise to choose a hotel that offers either free or reasonably priced parking and a shuttle service to the Port of Miami. Cruise parking at the port itself costs $20 per day. If someone is bringing you to the terminal and wants to wait with you, the charge is $7. Any instance where a car remains overnight is considered long term parking. Cruises in the current itineraries all fall under Long Term Parking. If you do choose to leave your vehicle at the Port of Miami, they accept all major credit cards and cash payments for parking. You do not have to reserve a space ahead of time as there are nearly 6,000 parking spaces, but there is no valet parking service.

Rates do vary for larger vehicles, for example vans, RVs and any vehicle with a trailer. An RV costs $40 per day for long term parking. With so many excellent deals on cruises out of Miami, it is a significant extra cost to use the Port of Miami’s parking facilities, but there are a number of other alternatives. Read more »

Orland Sanford Airport: Disneyland in Florida

orlando sanford airportAre you leaving the Orlando Sanford airport or flying in and going to Disneyland finally to appease your kids? Remember there is a lot more to do on top of Disneyland activities in the Orlando area. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not and the Orlando Science Center are great places to visit. First of all this is not the same airport as Orlando International Airport Parking information which is about the MCO airport. That is the main airport and about 30 miles away. The Sanford airport is used a lot by flights from Allegiant Air as well as other carriers. The initials are SFB Read more »

Birmingham Airport Parking

Knowing what your options are regarding parking is going to be important if you will be traveling through Birmingham Airport. If you want to park on-site, you will have a variety of options and each of the zones that have been developed for this purpose will be color-coded so you will know. You will have areas of the airport that will be available for those who are parking for just a few hours or those who need somewhere to put their car for multiple days. One of the first on-site options you will have is the Airport Remote Lot which is surface parking and has a total of 900 spaces available. Those who want to park in the remote lot will be able to take a shuttle over to the main airport. Read more »

New Screening At Airport Security

With the holidays increased travel occurs. As people gear up for trips out of town via flights, there are some new screenings at airport security that many are concerned about. I’ve been getting a number of e-mails from blog readers here about this issue. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are peak travel times and this generally causes a heightened sense of security to pop up at airports and other transportation buildings. However, this year there are lots of questions about the more invasive types of screenings. Read more »

Oklahoma City Airport Parking- OKC Will Rogers

oklahoma city airport When you are going through Oklahoma City Airport and need to find a place to park, you will want to consider Will Rogers as an option. It is only a little over a mile from the actual airport and it provides you with a safe and inexpensive place to park your vehicle. The outdoor self park is $6.00 per day and the covered self park is $24.00 per day. Before you decide on a section of the parking area, you will want to consider the somewhat glaring difference between the two. The outdoor covered, while it may be cheaper, does not provide the kind of security that the covered self park does. If you have an expensive vehicle which you value greatly, it might be a good idea to spring for the covered parking area.

FastTrack airport parking OKC is another option for those who need a place to park their vehicle while they are gone. It is only a little over two miles away from the airport so quite conveneitn. The outdoor self park at this time is $3.49 per day and the outdoor valet parking is $6.99 per day. By choosing this off-site option, you will be able to save quite a bit of money and keep your car parked in a secure place. There is also ParkRideFly. Some hotels will let you leave your car if you stay there. These include La Quinta and Four Point. Read more »

Boise Airport Parking

boise airport parking Knowing as much about Boise Airport parking as possible is crucial if you plan on going through. First of all, this airport is the same as Gowen Field, so don’t get confused! Also it is not an international airport so you’ll need to figure out other connections in order to get abroad. You have a variety of options when it comes to where you want to park your car, including the garage. This parking section will cost you $0.75 for each half hour or 30 minutes, and the maximum amount of time you will be able to park here for is 24 hours, that is a charge of $10.25. The garage is a good option for anyone who wants their vehicle to be safe and secure while they wait inside. Read more »

Tampa International Airport Parking

tampa airport There are many choices when it comes to Tampa International Airport parking. You will be able to select from a variety of places, both on-site and off-site to choose from. Your first option will be valet parking, which has a vehicle clearance of 6 feet 8 inches and has provides drop-off at the blue departure curbside. These valet services are available from 5:30am-5:30pm. There is also a 24 hour drop-off as well as pick-up service in the short-term parking garage on level 5. If you wish to take advantage of valet parking, it is $2.00 for every 30 minutes and a maximum limit of 24 hours with a charge of $25.00. Read more »

NYC Area Airports: History and Background

There are three main airports near New York City. John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens handles primarily international flights. LaGuardia airport is also located in Queens and handles mainly domestic flies. If you are flying in to New York from anywhere in the U.S then there is a strong possibility that you will end up at LaGuardia airport. Newark airport is located in Newark, New Jersey and handles international and domestic flights. Each of the airports near New York City are run by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and each has an interesting history associated with it. Read more »

New Orleans Airport Parking

new orleans airport When trying to find parking at New Orleans Airport, you will want to be observant of all the different places you can put your vehicle, whether you are looking for long-term or short-term. There is of course complimentary shuttle services which take visitors to and from the airport, running every 3-5 minutes for 24 hours each day all week long. After you park your vehicle, you will also find helpful luggage assistance to get your bags for you. There are also 24 hour operational security measures taken for each of the lots in and around the airport. Read more »

Disabled Parking at Airports

Air travel can be a challenge for any passenger. The parking, ticket lines, the waiting and boarding processes and security can be frustrating. When you have a disability it is even more difficult. Airports are crowded confusing places to be and the parking lots at these airports are no less confusing. Individuals with disabilities have unique needs while traveling. In an effort to reduce the obstacles that disabled passengers face, airports have begun implementing new systems and methods to assist their travelers. Some of the changes and services deal directly with parking. Read more »

Volcanic Ash and Airplane Jet Engines

A disruption in flights due to the problem of volcanic ash is not new to the airline world. Though many are first hearing about this due to the recent news event from the Iceland volcanic eruption, it has been a problem in the past and is not isolated. The volcanic ash eruptions form a cloud about six to eleven kilometers high-where most commercial airlines fly.

Read more »

Days for the Cheapest Air Fares

cheap flying days It is often very difficult to find affordable airline tickets. With the rising cost of flying and the new fees for baggage and other essentials have made many travelers shop around for the least expensive rates available. People have to really work at finding the best rates by scouring the internet and searching different sites. Some small changes can also help you to obtain the best prices. For example, find the right days for the cheapest air fares, and waiting until the perfect day to buy the tickets are a few ideas. Read more »

Indianapolis Airport Parking: IND Lots

Indianapolis offers some of the best parking options for travelers. They not only have several parking options, but they are all relatively budget friendly. There is something for every price at this airport, just remember where you park as they are rather spacious facilities. Also nice options for off-site parking as well will be reviewed. Read more »

Heathrow Airport Parking: What to Do with Your Car

heathrow airport parking Heathrow airport is the main transportation hub option for the United Kingdom. It is also the third busiest hub in the world. They serve about 179 destinations with the most popular ones being Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New York, and Dublin. Heathrow services trail cars, airplanes, and other sources of commuting. Read more »

Milwaukee Airport Parking: MKE Options

milwaukee airport parking As in any city across the United States, searching for parking spots can be a very stressful situation. Airport parking at MKE is one area where there are different options. People who often travel find that airport parking can involve a lot of walking. Sometimes the terminal lots are full and the congestion can cause you to have to rush to your flight. On site parking can range from $5 to $22 per day. In Milwaukee, airport parking located offsite has become easier to manage with increased flexibility to accommodate situations around holidays. Read more »

Airport Parking San Jose: Off-Site, Public Transportation and Other Ideas

san jose airport Whenever you take an airplane and park, there is often a nagging thought about what will happen to your car when you’re gone. If you’re in San Jose, what are some of the parking options? First of all, don’t rule out public transportation because you can leave your car for a week at certain Light Rail Stops. Read more »

Des Moines Airport Parking: DSM In Iowa

des moines airport parking If you’re going to fly out of Des Moines, Iowa, you may want to either leave your airport at the airport or close to it. Close to around two million use this airport annually. The symbol for this airport is DSM. Here’s a couple of options to use. There’s the Keck Airport Shuttle Parking, which is $6.50 daily and less than 1/2 a mile from the airport. The address is 5555 Fleur Drive . They will get you at baggage claim after you return from your flight. It is well lit and there is a fence. At the Des Moines International Airport Parking the rates are $11.00 a day in the long-term parking lot. You can save also by using the econonmy airport lot at DSM . Read more »

Parking Near Miami Airport: 4 Parking Options

miami airport parking Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. In addition, the airport is very congested and can lead to frustration by anyone approaching the terminals. This can cause challenges for airport visitors trying to find parking spaces and catching flights. People are driving frantically around the airport trying to find both close and cheap parking. Read more »

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